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One Click Data & Cable Subscription

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Welcome to our Instant topup Portal for your cable and data subscriptions.We offer top notch deals when it comes to Airtime (all networks), Data plans (all networks), Cable/TV subsciption (DSTV, GoTV etc), Electricity (all states) and more.. There are others like us but there is none giving huge discounts on all product as we do. TRY US TODAY 

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    We have been offering VTS service for the past months

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    We have processed hundreds of VTU orders to different clients


We Are a Trusted and Reliable VTU Website in Nigeria

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Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

VTU Services

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Why Choose VaticanGlobal VTU Service

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    Fast & Secure</h3 >

    Vatican Global VTU service is an instant topup and funding VTU site

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    Reliability</h3 >

    With over a year experience in the field of VTU, we can say we are your sure ticket to TOPups 

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    We respond to queries and support all our customers within minutes, you can try us today

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Our Client’s Reviews

VaticanGlobal is has been so helpful to me in getting amazing data deals. I recommend them

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    Emmanuel Husseni</h4 >


What more can i ask for as a student when VaticanGlobal wants to keep me with awoof data plans.

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    Juliet Thompson</h4 >

    Nigerian Student

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